High-End Mobile Boat Detailing

Power Wash TrailerPower Wash Boat ExteriorClean Compartments
Clean/Protect Wheels & TiresPower Wash DeckTeak/Wood Treatment
Vacuum InteriorClean Exterior WindowsDisinfect Counters and Sinks
Clean interior WindowsClean & Polish Chrome/Stainless*Degrease/Protect Engine Compartment
Marine Grade Wax* Buff Hull SurfacesOutboards Cleaned/Waxed
Shampoo CarpetingClean/Protect UpholsteryClean/Protect Vinyl
Clean TowersClean DoorwaysClean Gauges, Accessories


Basic wash & interior :  Under 10’$250
Boat interior (cockpit) detail : Starting $250
Basic exterior wash :  $15 per ft
Basic wash & wax :  $25 per ft
Cabins and Towers starting $150
Slip Wash : Pier Side Cleaning (good-bye spiders) starting
(No Buffing at the Pier)
Example : 23’ ski boat in great condition Incl. Interior, Tower, and Hand Wax

Example : 23’ cabin cruiser in great condition Incl. Cockpit, No Cabin
($600 w/o Cockpit)
($1,100 w Cockpit & Cabin)
Ask us about Ceramic Coating your Gel Coat, Windshields, and Interiors!!! Starting :
Scratch Removal, Oxidation, and Hull/Fabric Damage Extra
Also available:
Acid Wash Bottom : Starting $10 ft w Any Wash.
Buffing: Prices above do not include buffing oxidation or scratches. Buffers may be used to apply/remove wax. Prices vary and subject to change on-site.
Engine Compartments: Varies with needs such as polishing, degreasing, and/or protection treatment with silicone. $150 –

Note*: Deep scratches in the hull of a boat may require extensive sanding and buffing.  If your boat has any discoloration or hazing, the hull will need to be sanded first.  Buffing a hazed boat before it is sanded will not hold up to the environment.  Scratch removal and sanding are extra.